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Are you looking for a reliable, discrete and professional escort service in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague or in the Netherlands? Royal Exclusives high class escort service is the perfect choice for you.

We provide the most beautiful, most charming and the most intelligent high class escort girls in the Netherlands and beyond.

Royal Exclusives offers you a wide range of high class escorts who will cater to you as you wish. Our escort girls can accompany you on several occasions, they can be your date to a (business) meeting, a premiere, a trip abroad or be your companion to a romantic dinner with a very special dessert.

When you know only the best is good enough, please contact us. We will advise and assist in making the right decision for the high class escort girl who will fit all of your desires.

Our high class escort girls can meet you all over the Netherlands. Royal Exclusives high class escort girls are multilingual, elegant, smart and very good looking. Royal Exclusives high class escort service only works together with independent and voluntarily escort girls of the highest quality.

Our Features


We are a legal and transparent company. Discretion is our highest value. You can rely on us to do everything in our power to fulfill all your wishes.


If necessary, we are able to adapt quickly and plan a booking for you on short notice, please note that the availability or provided services by your high class escort girl of choice may vary from the information on her profile with a Last minute booking.


Open Minded

In case your fantasies are not described on our website or when you have a very special request, please contact us. We are always open to new ideas and will try to assist you where we can.


Our escort girls are special, due to an intense casting process, we are able to provide you with the most beautiful and sensual girls. Royal Exclusives escort girls are beauties with brains, so you are able to have an entertaining conversation with them as well.



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After a hard day of work, clear your mind and relax. Have a glass of luxurious champagne and have a good time with an exclusive escort girl. You only want the best for yourself  and won’t accept anything less, nor do we.

While Royal Exclusives offers a range of standard services, we are always willing to create a customized experience based on your desires. Working together with an exclusive concierge agency makes it possible to make your deepest wishes come true.

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Are you looking for classy, sexy company? Or would you like to bond with your high class escort girl before you’ll have a very adventurous date? Maybe you just want to relax and have a drink in a luxurious bar accompanied by a beautiful, elegant woman. This experience is based on a personal date without physical intimacy.


Dinner & Dessert

Fine dining in an exclusive restaurant, have an entire wine arrangement to with it and ending with… a delicious dessert. A lovely and sensual evening where you and your date get to know each other while flirting across the table. When the tension gets to high you might have your dessert back in the hotel…


Sweet & Sensual

This is a true ‘Girlfriend Experience’, your high class escort will enjoy kissing, caressing, massaging and a lot of sensual foreplay. This experience is all about enjoying each other’s company and affection. Your date will be sensual and intimate and above all, unforgettable.

sexy fantasy

Sexy & Fantasy

Everybody has fantasied at least once while watching an erotic movie or porn. This ‘Pornstar Experience’ is based on those desires. Your high class escort will be slightly naughtier than during a ‘Sweet & Sensual’ date. Think of different positions, spicy outfits and maybe some dirty talk. You are welcome to share your fantasies with us, your wish is our command. Remember that your high class escort girl might need to get to know you before she can surrender herself to you.


Gentlemen’s Playground

Our exclusive service for extraordinary gentlemen. With this service your wildest dreams can come true. Would you like to fly to Las Vegas in your private jet with you own selection of beautiful women? Maybe you want to impress your business partners on a yacht in Italy with some sexy company? Working with an exclusive concierge service makes it possible to arrange everything in to the slightest details and of course we take care of the elegant company.

Two girls or more

Two Girls or more…

You must have fantasized about sharing the bed with two women or more. This service can make your dream come to life. You can take your positon as ‘voyeur’ and watch the girls pleasure each other, or you can join the party! In the profiles of the high class escort girls you can see if she has preferences for a girl on our website.

travel companions

Travel companions

Would you like classy and elegant company during your (business) trip abroad? Or are you looking for a romantic date under the tropical sun? Some of our escorts are able to share this experience with you. Your high class escort can travel with you or meet you at your destination and you will have the best time together. Before booking this experience it is obligated that you have built a bond with the high class escort girl of your choice.


Couples Experience

A lot of couples want to know what it is like with an extra partner in the bedroom. You can find out by booking this experience. On your request, the high class escort can either pleasure one of you while the other is watching, or both. By booking a Royal Exclusives high class escort your bedroom secrets will be kept.

fetish experience

Fetish/Fantasy (BDSM)

Royal Exclusives is highly experienced in making all your wishes come true. We will assist and help you wherever and whenever we can to give you an incredible and unforgettable experience. Everyone has fantasies, do not hesitate and inform us about your desires. When your wish is very explicit, it might be necessary to meet your high class escort of interest at first, to create a relationship built on trust and respect.

Anale sex

Anal Sex

When you are ready for something new and exciting or something different in the bedroom scene, you can book the Anal Sex experience. Not all high class escorts offer this service, it requires trust and respect and pleasure for both sides. Anal sex is a different sensation for men because they have a prostate that can be stimulated. Women don’t have this and will experience the sensation quite differently. This service is only available when a previous date has occurred.

Royal Exclusives is specialized in offering you the best experience

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Rates & Information


Our office is available from 10.00 till 23.00 7 days a week. This doesn’t mean you can’t book an escort outside these times, these are only the times we pick up the phone. To avoid disappointments we ask u to schedule a booking at least 1 or 2 days ahead. So we can look if your escort is available.


Here you will find our rates and information about payments. Royal Exclusives believes in fixed rates so there will be no misunderstandings. With this we want to make it as easy as possible to place a booking at our company.

You are required to inform us about your requests beforehand, not so that we can adjust rates, but to make sure you will be booking the right high class escort girl who provides the services requested and enjoys giving you an unforgettable experience through her services which she enjoys as well.

Some services that will include other people, such as threesomes or couples, are being charged with an additional 50 euro per hour. This does not include your ‘Two Girls or more’ booking, here your rate depends on how much high class escort girls you would like to meet.

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Methods of payment

Royal Exclusives offers you different methods of paying for our services. We ask you to pay for our services in advance or at the beginning of your date.

– Cash: We accept Euros, American Dollars and British Pounds. We will use the daily exchange rate, plus additional bank- and exchange costs. We will round off the rate. Please inform us beforehand when paying with foreign valuta and be aware that our high class escort girls do not carry change.

– Bank Transfer: You can make a bank transfer to pay for our services, please note that it might take two days for payments to be processed when you transfer from a Dutch bank account, and that it will take at least 5 days from foreign bank accounts. Your payment has to be verified before your booking with your high class escort.

Terms & Conditions

We would like to remind you of the terms and conditions that apply once placing a booking by phone or email. Make sure you have read our terms and conditions and agree. You will find our terms and conditions here.

  • Rendez-vous Experience
  • €400per date
  • Are you looking for classy, sexy company? Or would you like to bond with your high class escort girl before you’ll have a very adventurous date? Maybe you just want to relax and have a drink in a luxurious bar accompanied by a beautiful, elegant woman. This experience is based on a personal date without physical intimacy.
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  • Standard Booking
  • €5901 hour (minimum booking)
  • Rates:

    • 3 hours for 750 euro
    • 4 hours for 900 euro
    • 5 hours for 1050 euro
    • 6 hours for 1200 euro
    • 7 hours for 1350 euro
    • 8 hours for 1500 euro

    All Night (12 hours)                                    2000 euro

    24 hours  (whole day)                                            2900 euro

    48 hours (2 days)                                             4800 euro

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  • Extra'sfor those who want
  • €50an hour
    • Couples (per hour)
    • Extra kinky

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Are you interested in an exciting and well-paid job where you’ll meat extraordinary people? Apply to Royal Exclusives and become a high class escort who will set all hearts on fire.

Royal Exclusives is always interested in meeting new high class escort girls. We offer a safe, relaxed atmosphere. Discretion and respect are key points to our company.

We are looking for ladies who are fierce, not afraid to try new things and who are social and entertaining. Good education is of importance, you have to be able to adapt to the level of every client.

Working as a high class escort girl can be very profitable and it’s possible you end up with a lot of gifts and interesting contacts. Our company caters to the higher clientele in the luxurious segment, this has to be represented by the appearances of our escorts. Salary will be discussed in the first meeting.

We have a few standard demands. We do not work with women who only provide company, sex is almost always part of the plan. We expect you to be nice, spontaneous, sweet, feminine and charming.

Your health is of great importance, we do not work together with women who use drugs, or who are psychologically unfit.

Royal Exclusives prefers to work with ladies who have the Dutch nationality. When this is not the case, you have to be able to show all documents which say you are allowed to work in the Netherlands. We are a legal and transparent company and we pay taxes as well.

Skin color and race is no obstacle, we expect you to talk Dutch and English Fluently. Age does not have to be of importance, we accept candidates between 21 and 35. Exceptions can’t be made. It is important that your body is in good shape and that you have little to no tattoos, piercings and stretch marks.

A friendly face, a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes can bring a man to his knees, good make-up and hair are also very important. Inappropriate clothing can cause negative situations, we ask you kindly to pay attention to your appearance, if necessary we can assist you.

Previous experience is not necessarily important, a lot of clients will find it even attractive that ladies are not that experienced. If you have special talents we like to hear all about it.

Do you recognize yourself in previous description? And would you like to work in a safe, transparent and interesting environment under female guidance? Where you are highly rewarded for your services? Please fill in an application form and we will make an appointment to get to know each other better. If you are unsure if you fit the profile, just contact us, we can discuss possibilities during a consult.

Kind regards,
Royal Exclusives


Fill in an application form and we will contact you within 5 working days. Be sure to fill in correctly so that we can contact you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Royal Exclusives

Application Form

Please read carefully, fill in all spaces and include pictures, without pictures we will not take your application under consideration.


Escort etiquette

Escort Etiquette

This is the moment, you just booked a Royal Exclusives escort girl or you are thinking about it. We would like to point out some important aspects, some of you will have thought about it already, but for those with few experience with high class escorts this could be of use.

The relationship between a client and an escort can be very pleasurable but is also based on a certain degree of trust. If you have never met before, this could be very exciting. Our escorts are charmed and intrigued by real gentlemen and will soon surrender to a night of passion when treated with respect. Please keep in mind the following points.


Hygiene: Take a shower and make sure ALL of your body parts are rinsed well, brush your teeth, do you know anyone who would like to kiss someone with bad breath?

Make sure you are shaved, most ladies prefer a smooth skin touching theirs. Needless to say that your clothing will be clean.

Unless something else is agreed on, you’ll have the money ready in an open envelope, you are aware what is supposed to be in it, you were already informed about it.

A real man knows his limits, it is expected that you are not drunk at the beginning of your date, mostly this leads to snoring instead of hot, steamy passion.

Every woman loves to be spoiled, you may want to give her a present, you can find her wish list in her personal information. This is never obligated, but always a welcome surprise.

During the date

When you have just met it might be good to start a conversation instead of jumping her at first sight. Offer her a drink and treat her with respect, she will be grateful to you and do her best for you. Like any other date this is not an interrogation, this can cause tension and both parties can end up disappointed.

It is not appreciated when you ask the lady in question for her private phone number, your relationship is strictly business and all contact goes through our agency. The high class escort chose for herself to be represented by Royal Exclusives because of privacy and discretion reasons.


To be relaxed is a key element for intimacy, our high class escort will do everything in her powers to bring you in ecstasy. You can do the same for her, mind her body language and whisper in her ear about her desires.


No means no, no discussion, no negotiations. When you ask for a service the escort does not provides, it will not happen. Everything was discussed on the forehand so you don’t have to be surprised and neither has the escort. All our high class escort preform safe sex only, oral sex happens only with protection. There will be no discussion about this.

At the end of the date

Time is money, especially for a high class escort. You cannot expect her to stay longer than agreed on, or expect a quickie in the last 15 minutes of your date. If you would like your escort to stay longer you can ask for an extra hour, it is up to her. You are probably very content with your high class escort girl, you may tip her, this is never expected but always appreciated.

You are welcome to contact our agency and share your opinion or experience with us, you might be just that satisfied that you place a new booking immediately. Of course it is possible you have remarks, we would like to hear these as well so we can keep innovating in our service.


Contact information Royal Exclusives

Contact information

You can contact us daily between 10AM and 11PM, during office hours please call our office number or leave a message. We will respond A.S.A.P.
In order to prevent misunderstandings we don’t take calls from unknown or private numbers.

Please note that not all of our high class escort girls are available for bookings 24/7. You can find her availability in her personal profile.

Apply for a job as high class escort

Are you a special, gorgeous young woman in the prime of her life looking for an exciting and bold job? Where you can explore your sexual boundaries and can make money with it too? Are you social and energetic? Take a look at our casting policies. Royal Exclusives escort agency is always interested in meeting new young women to work with.

For more info and application please mail to casting@royal-exclusives.nl


Office: +31 10 2821676
Cellphone: +31 6 51009710
Adress: Weena 290
Zipcode: 3012NJ
City: Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands

For bookings and questions mail to:


Chamber of commerce: 61644765
License: es.A.0089601.2014
Tax number: 45875960B03
Bank account: NL78INGB0793562406

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